Schwamb Group Meetings

Summary of upcoming topics for group meetings.

September 2022

Friday 9 September - Mathematics & Physics Teaching Centre/0G/014
Planetary Astrobiology Book discussion
Probabilistic Biosignature Frameworks - Discussion Leader: Matthew
The Astrobiology of Europa and the Jovian System - Discussion Leader: Grigori

Friday 23 September - Administration Building Committee Room A
Planetary Astrobiology Book discussion
The Inner Solar System’s Habitability Through Time - Discussion Leader: Meg

October 2022

Friday 7 October - Lanyon Building 0G054
Group Introductions (All Group Members)
Miro, Joplin, and Zotero Overview (Meg)
Planetary Astrobiology Book discussion
Unifying Themes and Future Work in Planetary Astrobiology - Discussion Leader: Laura

Friday 21 October - Lanyon Building 0G057 (note room change)
Everyone brings a single plot/figure to discuss (All group members)

November 2022

Friday 4 November - Lanyon Building 0G054
Paper writing - tips, tricks, everyone's approach (All group members)
Research Deep Dive Talk (Sean)

Friday 18 November - Lanyon Building 0G054
ESO Paranal Overview (Grigori & Steph)
Research Deep Dive Talk (Matthew)

December 2022

Friday 2 December - Lanyon Building 0G054
ESO La Silla Overview (Matthew, Sean, & Joe)
Research Deep Dive Talk (Laura)

Friday 16 December
No Meeting - Happy Holidays

Friday 30 December
No meeting - Happy Holidays

January 2023

Friday 13 January - Lanyon Building 0G054
Software Show and Tell (All group members)
Research Deep Dive Talk (Meg)

Friday 27 January - Lanyon Building 0G054
Grad Student led discussion - JWST Naming Controversy (Laura, Matthew, Sean, & Joe)
Research Deep Dive Talk (Steph)

February 2023

Friday 10 February - Lanyon Building 0G054
Research Deep Dive Talk (Steph)
Research Deep Dive Talk (Grigori)

Friday 24 February - Lanyon Building 0G054
Planet-Disk Interaction and Orbital Evolution (Kley & Nelson 2013) Discussion of Type I, II, III Migration (Matthew, Sean, Joe)

March 2023

Friday 10 March - Lanyon Building 0G054
Networking in Astronomy/Planetary Science (All group members)

Friday 24 March - Lanyon Building 0G054
Paper writing tips and tricks for writing (All group members)
Research Deep Dive Talk (Joe)

April 2023

Friday 7 April - Lanyon Building 0G054
No meeting - Happy Spring Break

Friday 21 April - Virtual Meeting
Discussion of Surveys Pan-STARRS (Grigori), SDSS (Matthew), Gaia (Joe), ATLAS (Sean), ZTF (Steph), Skymapper (Meg), LSST (Meg)

May 2023

Friday 5 May - Lanyon Building 0G054
Observing Discussion and Tips/Tricks (All group members)
Overview of online iobserve (Meg)

Friday 19 May - Lanyon Building 0G054
PostDoc Led Meeting - Topic TBD (Grigori & Steph)

June 2023

Friday 2 June - - Lanyon Building 0G054
Giving Talks Tips & Tricks (All group members)
Notion, Slite, and Trello Overview (Meg)

Friday 16 June - Lanyon Building 0G054
Planetary astronomy key terms/concepts review (All group members)